Imperial Sun Party


Welcome to the Imperial Sun Party!

Message from the Party President

"The Imperial Sun Party represents Japanese citizens who wish for Japan to build a strong military through active and organized projects supported by government funding. We are a centrist party, seeking free-market solutions where possible, state-run solutions where necessary. I invite all party members to make their voices heard in our national forum so that your ideas can help our party continue to grow stronger."

Imperial Sun Party in eRepublik

One of the most influential political parties in Japan, the Imperial Sun Party is also one of the oldest, founded in January 2009 by Party Founder Tohru.

With many active members in the Japanese Diet, in recent months the party has passed initiatives funding the Japanese Imperial Army as well as establishing government support for Japanese entrepreneurs operating businesses abroad to help counter Japan's lack of natural resources.  The Sempai-Kouhai Mentoring Program was established by the Imperial Sun Party to help educate new citizens thereby strengthening Japan in the long-term. The Imperial Sun Party also supported the creation of the Japan Election Commission which stopped rogue elements from stealing seats in the Japanese Diet. Most recently, the Imperial Sun Party helped create Japan's first constitution, much of the fine work completed by long-time ISP congressman Reiji Mitsurugi.

The ISP section of the Japan National Forums can be found here. For more information in-game, please refer to the recommended reading section.

To become an active member of the party, don't just click "join" in the party page. Contact an ISP member of congress and let them know who you are! Read the information in the recommended reading section! Make sure you get instructions from the Party President before you vote on election days!